Wood Restoration: Pau Lope and Ipe Decks

Exotic hardwoods make beautiful decks and require attention to keep their original luster. It is true that you can choose to allow most hard wood to weather with out immediate consequence. But should you decide to preserve your exotic deck it is very important that the right products are used. Because of the greater density of hardwoods, they require special stains and complex application. Exotic wood maintenance is usually more costly than restoring a redwood deck. That said, a properly stained exotic deck can be truly remarkable.



Exotic Wood Process

Your wood is carefully power washed with water pressure between 2,000 and 3,000 P.S.I. Power washing removes the top layer of dead wood fibers much the same way sandblasters remove rust from metal. Our technicians are trained to maintain an approximate 45 degree spray angle and stay with the wood grain to avoid excess fraying of the wood surface.

The wood is allowed to dry for 48 hours, at which time the wood must be prepped for staining. The wood is then brushed and sanded to remove any frayed or splintered wood.

After pressure washing and prep of the deck we apply FLOODPRO SUPREME PREFORMANCE

in 2 wet-on-wet applications. The second coat needs to be applied before the first dries, creating a race against the clock to ensure a proper outcome. We have the experience with this product and type of application that gets the job done right.

FYI> If you have spoken to other contractors about your exotic wood deck and have any doubt about their knowledge of your deck wood’s needs, be aware that improperly stained exotic wood usually costs more to fix than it does to do it right the first time.




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