Property Prep was developed in Marin County California by Joel Midlili in 1999.  Joel has more than 10 years experience running, developing service companies. He has branded and built several service companies, including The Gutter Guys, Property Prep, Hi Tech solutions, The Gutter People, Ross Valley Arborist, College Painting, AllCal Pressure Washing, ReNu Crew.  His service management company, Property Prep provides management and service to over 5000 properties between its California and Pennsylvania locations.   


Through a technologically-based approach to service business and an understanding that we are only capable of delivering client-satisfying services that we can properly manage, we build our service companies with both the client and growth in mind. We developed dedicated software to keep our companies running efficiently. We may provide simple service in the field but our software is anything but rudimentary, managing the over 5000 clients, scheduling over 10,000 service appointments annually by 10 different companies.  By taking a technological approach in the late 90’s we are a decade ahead of the competition. We gave up the clip our boards for Blackberry's.  Our software interacts with our field crews, giving real time data to the central office. We have created a system that gives us access to the information we need to keep our clients and our business on schedule at a click.

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