Annual Check List

Clean rain gutters and downspouts

Keep rain gutters and down spouts in good repair

Clear debris and moss from roof

Trim trees away from chimney, roof, electrical lines

Clear brush from perimeter of home

Remove deadwood from trees and shrubs

Deep feed trees and shrubs

Check perimeter of house at foundation to be sure there is no earth to wood contact

Cut plantings back from house/foundation

Check irrigation systems for leaks

Replace faulty or ineffective sprinkler heads

Pressure wash walkways, patios, terraces, exterior stairways

Pressure wash house to remove mildew, dirt, etc

(Restore/waterproof/seal?) wood surfaces; decks, fences, siding, shingles

Check all weather stripping around doors and windows; replace where damaged

Re-caulk windows where necessary

Paint, stain or seal exterior door that are exposed to direct sun and rain

Check deck railings and exterior bannisters to ensure that they are secure

Sand and seal railings and bannisters as needed

Check and secure loose deck and stair boards

Check and repair roof, wall, door and window leaks


Important  maintenance for wood homes and decks

Wood Decks: Decks can splinter or rot in the absence of a penetrating oil stain. Once the deck’s integrity has been compromised you may have to replace your deck. Restain your decks every 3-4 years depending on exposure. For the longevity of your decking, be sure the wood has adequate airflow, that the surface and gaps between the boards are clear and clean and re-stain on a schedule appropriate to your deck’s sun and rain exposure. 

Shingle Homes: Don’t neglect your shingles. Shingles that are not properly protected will crack, become brittle and deteriorate. Most shingle homes will need to be restained between 5-7 years with a natural oil finish, (see Wood Restoration/exposure). Once shingles cup and crack you have reached the POINT OF NO RETURN and will have to re-shingle your home.  The cost of maintaining your shingles now is, on average, 10% of what it costs to replace all your shingles later.

Painted Homes:  Your painted home needs to be pressure washed to keep mildew from forming. Mildew and mold not only damage your property, they threten your health. Keeping your painted home clean extends the longevity of your paint job. Old paint and un-maintained wood surfaces leaves your home vulnerable to dry rot, mold, mildew, water damage, especially on southern facing walls and windows.  If your paint in beginning to crack or peel its time to repaint. Poorly maintained window frames and trim can bring immediate, plus long-term problems in the form of  higher energy costs and general deterioration of windows and surrounding siding and framing. Pressure wash every few years or as soon as you notice mildew, moss or mold forming. 

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